Last Updated on April 24, 2019

This privacy policy (this "Privacy Policy") constitutes part of the Terms of Use, the game apps (the "App") provided by Beeworks Co., Ltd. (the "Company") and services provided through the App and any other services provided in association therewith by the Company (the "Services"), and shall be applied when a Customer (meaning a person who uses the Services or intends to use the same; the same applies hereinafter) uses the Services. The Company shall appropriately handle the personal information (as set forth in Article 2.1 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information; the same applies hereinafter) acquired from the Customer in the Services, as well as certain other information regarding the Customer (collectively, "Personal Information, etc.") in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

1. Use of Personal Information

The purposes of use of the Personal Information, etc. provided by the Customer in the Services shall be as follows and the Personal Information shall not be used for any other purposes:
[1] Providing the Services to the Customer;
[2] Improving the quality of and remedying failures with regard to the Services;
[3] Delivering announcements, etc., conducting questionnaires and campaigns and responding to inquiries, etc.;
[4] Analyzing Customer trends, etc. and providing services, advertisements or other information tailored thereto;
[5] Creating statistical information concerning the use status of the Services, etc. and announcing such statistical information in the Services or on the Company website, etc. and providing the same to any third party (excluding any information by which an individual can be identified); and
[6] Conducting investigations in the case of any suspected violation of the Terms of Use for the Services.

2. Disclosure of Personal Information

The Company may disclose the Customer's Personal Information, etc. within the scope necessary for the performance of the aforementioned purposes of use upon causing its outsourcing companies to comply with the its "Policy for Protection of Personal Information." The Company will not provide any Personal Information, etc. to any third party except in the case where such Personal Information etc. is disclosed in accordance with the laws and regulations, ordinances and other requests from relevant authorities, etc.

3. Disclosure, Revision and Deletion of Customer's Own Information

If the Customer desires the disclosure, revision, addition, deletion, etc. of the information provided to the Company, the Company shall respond to such request to the extent reasonable upon confirming that the requester is the Customer him/herself.

4. Use of Information-Gathering Modules

The Company may use information-gathering module from third parties that are independent of the functions of the Services in order to conduct trend surveys on the provision and use of the Services, and to display advertisements that are personalized for the users of all smartphone applications provided by the Company.

①Name of Module: Firebase/Google Analytics
Provider: Google, Inc.
Purposes: To send updated information to Users, to survey trends on use, to display advertisements that are personalized for Users, and to measure the effectiveness of placed advertisements.
Google, Inc. Privacy Policy

②Name of Module: AppLovin
Provider:AppLovin Corporation
Purposes: To display advertisements that are personalized for Users
AppLovin Corporation Privacy Policy

③Name of Module: Adbrix
Provider:IGAWorks Purposes: To survey trends on use, and to measure the effectiveness of placed advertisements.
IGAWorks Privacy Policy

④Name of Module: Unity Analytics/Unity Ads
Provider:Unity Technologies
Purposes: to survey trends on use, to display advertisements that are personalized for Users, and to measure the effectiveness of placed advertisements. / To display advertisements that are personalized for Users.
Unity Technologies Privacy Policy

⑤Name of Module: Adfuri-kun
Provider:Glossom, Inc.
Purposes: To display advertisements that are personalized for Users
Adfuri-kun Privacy Policy

5. Revision of Privacy Policy

The Company may improve or revise the details of this Privacy Policy in response to revision of the laws and regulations, any change in the details of the Company's business, requests from the Customers, etc. If any significant change is made to this Privacy Policy (including any proposal by the Company which is to have retrospective application), the Company shall give prior announcement of such change to the Customers in the Services or on the official website, as well as update the above-listed "last updated" date and indicate the date on which such change was made. By using the Services after a change in this Privacy Policy, the Customer is considered to have agreed to such change. If the Customer does not agree to such change, the Customer shall not be permitted to use the Services.

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