[NEO Mushroom Garden] A Summer Gift from NEO! Two Types of Order+ Added! image

[NEO Mushroom Garden] A Summer Gift from NEO! Two Types of Order+ Added!


nnfnnf... (This summer is way to hot...)

The Funghi were on the brink of withering, but at last the summer is coming to an end.
Dear NEO mushroom gardeners, how have has your summer been?

To all who kept their Funghi happy and healthy, we've prepared a special update just for you!
Play the new Order+ "Gray Report", and also get upgrade materials for past themes to add to your collection!

New Order+ "Gray Report" Added!

*Gray Report

A fun summer project from the Funghi!
What colors can you mix to make the color gray?
Play with the Funghi to find out!

How to Play the New Update

The new Order+ are available to play right away!
Start by playing the Order+ "How Do You Make the Color Gray?"!

New Food Machine Part "Gray Extractor" Added!

By clearing all of the "Gray Report" Order+, you can unlock the Gray Extractor!
Finally, all of those gray-colored Funghi will be easier to harvest!

Add this useful machine part to your collection♪

▼Keep those mosquitoes away!

Upgrade Materials for your Collection!

In the past, we've added many theme-specific upgrade materials, only obtainable by completing the required Orders.
However, once these materials were used, they disappeared from your inventory...

For those of you who want to keep those materials for your collection, now you can!
Complete the new Order+ to get upgrade materials from past updates!

▼To play the new Order+, complete the corresponding Orders/Order+ for the each theme!

New Order+

5th Anniversary  ▶︎ "A Top Hat for Your Pleasure"
Sweet Love Choco ▶︎ "Chocolates for Your Pleasure"
Funghi Castle   ▶︎ "Castle Goods for Your Pleasure"
Fung-Sea Castle  ▶︎ "A Gold Coral for Your Pleasure"
Funghi Academy  ▶︎ "School Goods for Your Pleasure"
Milky Way     ▶︎ "Star Powder for Your Pleasure"
Funghi Mine    ▶︎ "A Coal for Your Pleasure"
Funghi Theater  ▶︎ "Sheet Music for Your Pleasure"
Dream Land    ▶︎ "A Funghi Pillow for Your Pleasure"
Ghostly Bridge  ▶︎ "An Odd Talisman for Your Pleasure"

Update Ver.2.59.0 and enjoy the last days of summer!

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