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What Is Funghi?

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His lovable expressions and unpredictable behavior make him super popular!


Why is Funghi a detective's assistant?

"Funghi" was originally a character in the game "Touch Detective".

He usually works as newbie detective Mackenzie's partner/assistant.

"Mushroom Garden" is a spin-off app of the game "Touch Detective".

"Touch Detective" sounds a bit sketchy...

"Touch Detective" is a totally clean game, to be enjoyed by everyone from small children to young women.

"This is in no way an inappropriate game, so please don't be disappointed."

(by: Cromwell, Mackenzie house butler)

"Touch Detective" Special Site

A thorough examination of the mysterious Funghi!!


Mind : A professional assistant assigned by the Detective's Association

Manner of speech : Can express emotions with a simple "nnf nnf"

Texture : Slippery, soft and shiny

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