Fun Orb Guide

Fun Orb Guide

You can get "Fun Orbs" from the "Daily Bonus (Login Bonus)" or by completing achievements.

"Fun Orbs" are paid items, so you might think it's a waste to use them. For others, they might not know where "Fun Orbs" can be used.

Here, we will introduce 4 ways you can use "Fun Orbs."

Use Fun Orbs wisely to make your den life more fun!

[Method 1] Reduce harvesting time for more efficiency.

Items like Cool Stones at the Workshop or Thread Corn at the Farm can take from several minutes or much longer to complete.

Even for those who usually play slowly, there are times where you'll come across situations like,
"There's a rare Funghi at the Traveler's Hut! But I don't have enough materials!",
"I ranked up and can now make a cute hat! But I don't have enough materials!",
or "No particular reason, but I want to harvest now now NOW!",
to name a few examples.

And that's where "Fun Orbs" come in.
Open up a facility and tap the "Rush" icon on the right.
You can use "Fun Orbs" to reduce the time until completion. (You can use Fast Forward Tickets here as well.)
For each "Fun Orb", you can reduce the time by 1 minute.
For the Hat Shop, Accessory Shop, and Adventures, you cannot reduce the time.

[Method 2] Dress up in special equipment.

There is equipment that can be made by the Hat Shop (appears at Rank 3) and the Accessory Shop (appears at Rank 17).
The equipment is made by exchanging NP and materials. There is a special category of equipment that uses "Fun Orbs."

At the Hat Shop or Accessory Shop, tap on the "Special" tab of the Equip Develop List to see what special equipment is available.

When you gain more friends at the den, there are times where you might not be able to tell who's who.
Don't you want them to enjoy dressing up a bit?

That's where special equipment comes in. Get yourself something elegant to morph into!

[Method 3] Special Decos for an upscale den.

You reduced the time needed. You made your special equipment. But it's still not enough!
That's where the Special Decos come in!
Special Decos are also developed by using Fun Orbs.

You can select Special Decos from the development list, too.

Use Special Decos to make your den unique, creating a world of art that's distinctly yours.
Once you create a one-of-a-kind den, take a screenshot to show the world by participating in the "Den-nice!"

[Method 4] Have Funghi leave in peace with "Fun Orbs."

The Traveler's Hut will be available at Rank 4, and it's a facility necessary to scout for more friends for your den.
If a rare Funghi you haven't scouted yet passes by, you'd want him or her to sit down. But with a limited number of seats, sometimes regular or rare Funghi that you've already scouted will take them up... and the new rare Funghi has nowhere to sit!

That's where Fun Orbs come in.

Open up the Traveler's Hut and tap the "Leave" icon.
You may feel a little bad for the Funghi resting at the Traveler's Hut, but use those 50 Fun Orbs to have them withdraw.
I'm sure the Funghi would have no hard feelings.

But if another regular Funghi sits in the opened seat, we can't do anything but say we're sorry.

[Summary] Let's try using "Fun Orbs"!

How was it?

It'd be a waste to simply hold onto the "Fun Orbs" you have.
All 4 methods presented provide different effects.
Use them as you think best. We hope that you will give it a try!

If you run out, we hope you will consider purchasing more.

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