Funghi's Den Wanted! Den-Building Partner!
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One day, a strange letter arrived. ”Would you please help us build our den?” The Funghi sent a letter and is asking for help making a den. It sounds so suspicious but also fun!

Key Features of Funghi's Den!!

Work together with the Funghi
to make a wonderful den!
Build lots of facilities! Swipe to harvest!
Scout new friends! Gather rare Funghi to fill out your collection!
Dress up the Funghi! Decorate the den!
Enjoy a wonderful den life with these fun characters!
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Funghi's Den
Den Making Simulation
iOS 8.0 and later / Android 4.0 and later
Beeworks Games
Free (contains in-app purchases)

Note: This app can be downloaded and installed for free, with some in-game items offered for purchase. You can play without a network connection, but the initial set up, item purchases, login bonuses, and other online features will require a network connection.

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