Tips Collection [Part 2]

Tips Collection [Part 2]

◆Be sure to complete your goal before using your item!

To raise your rank, you need to clear your goals!
Depending on the goal, you may have to gather items.

In this case, if you use the items before you gather your goal amount,
your items will decrease!

If you want to use the item, be sure to reach the goal amount first.

*Achieve goals starting from the top and you will be able to make good progress!

◆Special Tickets you get from watching at the Theater go straight to storage.
By watching the video advertisement, you will be able to receive a Special Ticket twice a day.
The gifted Special Ticket will be saved directly into your storage!

It won't go through the present crate like with rewards,
so if you want to see how many you have, click on "Storage."

▼The tickets are in the "Item" of the storage.

◆Let's compare the status of the Funghi you made the equipment for!
Developing equipment and hats will get your Funghi's stats to go up!
(*You don't need to equip it. Simply developing it will affect the status.)

It's recommended that you check the difference in status
with the equipment or hat equipped and then choose which members to take on adventures!
To compare this, please see the below info!

<Before equipping>
★Menu > Funghi Book
The base stats of each type of Funghi are recorded here.

<Status After>
★Menu > Funghi List
List of scouted Funghi.
The status reflecting equipment and hats will listed here.

When your stats go up, previously unsuccessful adventures might go better now!
Also, there will be a "Talent" mark showing which Funghi are good at that particular adventure.
Keep that as a reference when you build a team!

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