Tips Collection [Part 1]

 Tips Collection [Part 1]

◆Upgrading your Home can allow more Funghi to live here!

The Home in which Funghi are can be upgraded to increase the number of Funghi that can live there!

▼The following is how you can increase the number of Funghi who can live there.

This method is recommended when you can't build new homes or don't have space to build.

◆You can say "Good Bye" to your friends

There may come a time where you must say bye to your friends.
Press "Good Bye" in details.

◆I have no space to build facilities, so I can't progress in the game.
In the initial stages of the game where you can't expand the den much,
you can move already built facilities, or put them away in storage to make space.
You may have to shuffle things around briefly to build the facility required to complete your goal. This will happen less as your den grows.

[Moving or storing facilities]

Tap the facility and the "Move" command will show, allowing you move it elsewhere.

If you want to place it into storage, tap the "Storage" button on the bottom right.
*The Den Hall, Funghi living spaces, and a few of the facilities cannot be put into storage.

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Funghi's Den
Den Making Simulation
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Note: This app can be downloaded and installed for free, with some in-game items offered for purchase. You can play without a network connection, but the initial set up, item purchases, login bonuses, and other online features will require a network connection.

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