[For Android users] Important notice about IAP

[For Android users] Important notice about IAP

We confirmed that the problem with purchase of the Google Play store has been resolved.

Now in-app purchase is available without problems.

Due to an issue in the Google Play store, it is confirmed that the event was not reflected in the game after purchasing the Fun Orbs.
Therefore, please do not purchase Fun Orbs until the Google Play Store's issue is fixed.
We will report this matter as soon as the situation is known.
I am sorry for the inconvenience this time to all the target users.
We look forward to your continued Funghi's Den.

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Funghi's Den
Den Making Simulation
iOS 8.0 and later / Android 4.0 and later
Beeworks Games
Free (contains in-app purchases)

Note: This app can be downloaded and installed for free, with some in-game items offered for purchase. You can play without a network connection, but the initial set up, item purchases, login bonuses, and other online features will require a network connection.

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