NEO Mushroom Garden

"Mushroom Garden" series are all independent. So the data from previous series cannot be transferred to NEO Mushroom Garden.
In "NEO Mushroom Garden", we added some of the new rare Funghi to NEO and also rare Funghi from previous series will appear. The app is released after checking the sprout of all the Funghi, so please wait for them to sprout without giving up.
In "NEO Mushroom Garden", there are some Funghi which their appearance is changed depending on the theme. If you have already harvested the Funghi in different theme, the picked Funghi can be checked in "Back-Page Info". Please tap "Favorite theme" to check. Also, "Infected" will not be added to the Library.
We have not implemented the Volume Adjusting feature in app at this point.
This feature will be added by future updates.
The data can be restored by the following steps.

【Restore Save Data creation】
Lab > Network > Backup
Restore ID and Password will be displayed. Please keep them safely by taking screenshot or e-mailing to yourself.
※The ID and Password will be updated everytime the save data is created. Please save the latest information on your own.

【Save Data restoration】
Lab > Network > Restore
Please enter the Restore ID and Password.
* If you create the savedata before the restoration, ID and Password become untypable. Please be careful not to create the savedata before restoring the save data.
Please try to reboot your device.
If above does not solve the problem, please send us the e-mail at with following information.
Please DO NOT DELETE the app before contacting us.

*Name of the device
*Version of the OS
*Name and version of the app
*Inquiry with detailed information
Please contact us at .
If you have questions about the app, please write the following informatoin on the e-mail.

*Name of the device
*Version of the OS
*Name and version of the app
*Inquiry with detailed information
If you have sending us the e-mail for several times and never get the response, our reply might be in spam mailbox or blocked.
Please check if the e-mail from "" is receivable and contact us again.

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Genre Family/Adventure
OS iOS10.0 or later

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Genre Casual
OS Android5.0 or later