NEO Mushroom Garden


17.08.09 Theme "Fung-Sea Castle" has new upgrades!
17.07.13 Theme "Ghostly Bridge" is added!!
17.06.15 Theme "Funghi Castle" is added!!
17.05.25 Theme "Riverside Camping" has new upgrades!
17.04.27 Collabo Theme "Funghi Roll Cakes" is added!!
17.03.01 Theme "Funghi Hinadan" has new upgrades!
17.02.09 Theme "Sweet Love Choco" is added!!
17.01.01 New Year's Secret Word Announcement!
16.12.08 Upgrade your Christmas and New Year's equipment!
16.11.10 New Equipment and Harvest Box for "Frisky Field"!
16.10.13 Theme "Cafe 'd Funghi" is added!!
16.09.20 Theme "Riverside Camping" is added!!
16.09.15 【iOS10】NOTICE about iOS 10 Update
16.08.25 Theme "Beached Shore" is powered up!! New Sorting Feature on "Library"!
16.07.28 Collaboration theme with the popular App "The Battle Cats" is added!!
16.06.23 Theme "5th Anniversary" is added!!/Required OS update for Android users
16.06.01 [Android] IMPORTANT NOTICE for less than Android4.0 users/Required OS update for Android users
16.04.27 Theme "Carp Streamer" is added!!
16.04.07 Theme "Funghi Forest" is added!!
16.03.03 Theme "Funghi Hinadan" is added!!
16.02.18 Theme "Funghi Onsen" is added!!
16.01.01 New Year's Password revealed!!
15.12.17 Theme "Merry Christmas" is powered up!!
15.11.19 New Theme "Funghi Mine" is added!!
15.10.8 Two themes are powered up!!
15.9.3 New Theme "Bike Rider" is added!!
15.7.30 Two themes are powered up!!
15.6.25 New Theme "Funghi Station" is added!!
15.5.28 New Theme "Fung-Sea Castle" is added!!
15.5.1 New Theme "Funghi Academy" is added!!
15.3.24 New Theme "Funghi Circus" is added!!
15.2.26 New Themes and orders are added!!
15.1.19 New Theme "Funghi New Year" is added!!
14.12.19 New Theme "Merry Christmas" is added!!
14.09.29 New Theme "Chara Pafe Cafe" is added!!
14.09.16 NEO Mushroom Garden ver.1.0.13 is released
14.08.12 NEO Mushroom Garden ver.1.0.11 is released
14.07.07 New Theme "Nostalgic Home" is added!!
14.04.21 "Funghi Heroes" is added!!
14.04.11 NEO Mushroom Garden has released!!

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