Funghi & friends go on a little walk!!

Let's take Funghi to the destination indicated on the map!!
Walks become more fun with together with more friends!
They will pick up the ingredients on their walk.


Lure different Funghi!

Make the Food from the picked ingredients.
You can use Foods to lure other new Funghi!!
The kinds of lured Funghi depends on the food.
Let's find many friends and go on a walk!!


Food can be used in many ways

The use of Food is not limited to "Lure" funghi!
Feeding the food to funghi will increase the collectable number of ingredients.
Bringing the food as a Lunch will extend the time of walk.


Complete the Libraries

Two Library are in the game.
Let's complete both "Funghi Library" and "Food Library"!

App Store

Price Free
Category Game
Genre Family/Adventure
OS iOS6.0 or later

Google play

Price Free
Category -
Genre Adventure
OS Android2.3.3 or later