"Walk-A-Funghi" ver1.5.0 is released!!

New Story "Forgotten Clue" is added.

New Rare Funghi and New Food are available!
New ingredients "Plum" are added to "Chilly Outland"!!

This story is the sequel of "The Lost Yeti" added ver.1.4.0.
Let's find the taste of home from local Plum dishes for lost Yeti!

How to start "Forgotten Clue"

[iOS/Android] Update to "Walk-A-Funghi" ver.1.5.0 (released in May 2015) is required to play.
Update iOS ver
Update Android ver

When the quest related to "The Lost Yeti" is completed, "Forgotten Clue" will be playable.
Check the status of quest from "Quest" icon in "Room" screen.


App Store

Price Free
Category Game
Genre Family/Adventure
OS iOS6.0 or later

Google play

Price Free
Category -
Genre Casual
OS Android2.3.3 or later