Mushroom Garden Prime icon

Mushroom Garden Prime

Mushroom Garden Prime バナー

The hit series Mushroom Garden is going back to its roots! It's a prime time to be a mushroom lover! Were you a funghi fanatic back in the day? Or is this your first time encountering these funghi friends? Either way, welcome to their world! Are you ready to begin your mushroom gardening life?

Funghi's Den icon

Funghi's Den

Funghi's Den バナー

The world's first Funghi life simulation observation game! From the ""Mushroom Garden"" series with over 43 million downloads, comes a ""den-making simulation game!"" Recruit Funghi for a wonderful den life!

NEO Mushroom Garden icon

NEO Mushroom Garden

NEO Mushroom Garden バナー

Mushroom Garden to the Next Stageー. The renowned "Mushroom Growing & Harvesting Game" has returned with drastic evolution! *Now in HD with extra slippery mushroom texture *Totally new "Back-Page Info" feature in the Library! *The whole new "Food Machine" to make special "Funghi Food!" *The more you harvest, the more you earn! *Grow Funghi outside of the original gardening room

Mushroom Garden Deluxe icon

Mushroom Garden Deluxe

Mushroom Garden Deluxe バナー

Luxurious Mushroom Garden for You.
"Mushroom Garden" accomplishes new evolution.
*"Log" holds the importance.
*"Request" systems!
*Advanced Library!
*The BGM!
*About Mushroom Garden

Walk-A-Funghi icon


Walk-A-Funghi バナー

Let's lure many funghi and go on a little walk with them!!
Now Funghi and its friends are out of "Garden"!!
Totally different app of Funghi is now available!!
***No charging at all!! You can play free till end!***
There is an island with a forest, where many funghi lives.
Every day, funghi picks up ingredients to make their food.
Such a peaceful life, but also getting tired of eating the same dish everyday!
Now, they decided to go on a little walk to find a new recipe...!
Funghi and its friends found a beautiful stone.
And a secret is hidden there in this stone.
Let's go for a little walk to find new recipes and the secret of the beautiful stone.

Mushroom Garden Seasons HD icon

Mushroom Garden Seasons HD

Mushroom Garden Seasons HD バナー

5 new features in "Mushroom Garden Seasons HD"!
▶New rare Funghi that only grow in this App
▶Effects adapted to seasons enhances the seasons!!
▶App-only Wallpapers are also in HD graphics!!
▶Added BGM
▶Save Data restoration system is added

Mushroom Garden HD icon

Mushroom Garden HD

Mushroom Garden HD バナー

5 new features in "Mushroom Garden HD"!
▶New rare Funghi that only grow in this App
▶Enhanced "Excitement of Harvesting"
▶Rare Funghi are adjusted to grow easily
▶Added BGM
▶Save Data restoration system is added