[Deluxe] November Event "Funghi Ice Age" is released image

[Deluxe] November Event "Funghi Ice Age" is released

Mushroom Garden Deluxe November Event "Funghi Ice Age"

Limit break for the sub-zero "Frozen Log"!
The beast of the Ice Age
has been resurrected from its tomb of ice!

Let's "Check for update" now!


[iOS/Android] "Mushroom Garden Deluxe" ver.1.23 or later is required to play.
Update iOS ver
Update Android ver

2. Check the updates
Tap "Telecom" in "Lab" and push the "Check for updates" button.
(Please check the network connection and retry later when the connection does not work.)

[iOS] NOTICE about iOS 11 Update

We have not finished the check for the correspondence of app to iOS 11 released on Sept.20.
Due to the situation above, please wait the update to iOS 11.

We deeply apologize about the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.


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