[NEO Mushroom Garden]Theme "Funghi Academy" has new upgrades! Ver.2.24.0 Update! image

[NEO Mushroom Garden]Theme "Funghi Academy" has new upgrades! Ver.2.24.0 Update!

"NEO Mushroom Garden" ver.2.24.0 is released!


Spring has come!
April update brings"Funghi Academy"
It's the start of the school year, and the new students are making their debut!
Hurry, let's go to school!

Check out the new additions on p.141 of "Order"!

Equipment Upgrade!

"Academy Lamp", "Academy Humidifier" and "Academy Warmer" can be upgraded to G10!


Spring Machine can now be Upgraded!

Complete the new Order to upgrade "Spring Machine" to Grade 10!


New Ingredient!

Complete new Order to obtain new ingredients "Name Tag" and "Corsage"!


Password List has been added!

You are now able to check all passwords released up until now in the game. Let's check for any unused passwords! Go to.


Fans of all ages, let's all meet at "Funghi Academy"!
Update "NEO Mushroom Garden" now and come play♪

▼▼Let's Download!▼▼
- 5th Anniversary -

"NEO Mushroom Garden"

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App Store(iPhone)

※We would inform that required iOS version of "NEO Mushroom Garden (ver2.20.0)" is updated to 8.0 or later version.


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