【NEO&World】Update! Grow Funghi Instantly...Even Faster!? image

【NEO&World】Update! Grow Funghi Instantly...Even Faster!?

"Stay at Home" has become a commen phrase for many of us in recent days.
For those wondering how to spend your time at home, look no further!

Two of our most popular apps, "NEO Mushroom Garden" and "菇菇栽培研究室 The World" are receiving a special, limited-time update!
Grow Funghi instantly, without the long wait!

Check below for more information!
We hope you'll enjoy your time at home with a little Mushroom Gardening!

Campaign Period
  • NEO Mushroom Garden
    Campaign Period: May 14,2020 ~ July 2020
    ※End date to be determined

  • 菇菇栽培研究室 The World
    Campaign Period: May 14, 2020 ~ June 25, 2020
    ※Available in Simplified and Traditional Chinese

NEO Mushroom Garden ver.2.36.1

Reduced the wait time for "Special Medicine"

Normally, you have to wait one hour before you can use the "Special Medicine" again.
Now you can use the "Special Medicine" every 15 minutes!

By using "Special Medicine", Funghi grow instantly!
Use the 15 minute food, wait 15 minutes and harvest!
Then, use the "Special Medicine" to harvest again!
Let's enjoy some endless Mushroom Gardening fun!

▼You can find the "Special Medicine" here!

菇菇栽培研究室 The World ver.1.24.2

Reduced the wait time for "執事出手相助"

Just like in NEO Mushroom Garden,
Instead of having waiting for one hour, you can now use it every 15 minutes!

Harvest your Funghi and take the chance to appreciate the scenery...
Before you know it, 15 minutes have past and it's time to harvest! Then use "執事出手相助" to harvest again right away!
We hope this makes Mushroom Gardening even more enjoyable!

▼You can find "執事出手相助" on the top-right corner of your screen!


※Available only in Japanese/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese

These changes are available for a limited time only! Don't miss out on your chance to catch up on any new content!

Experiencing trouble using "Special Medicine" or "執事出手相助"?

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1)Restart your mobile device
2)Check that you have enough available memory on your mobile device (We recommend at least 500MB)
3)Connect to a strong internet connection and restart your application
 ※Video may fail to load using slow connections
4)Reset your Advertising ID
[For Android]
 Go to [Settings] > [Google] > [Ads] > [Reset advertising ID]
[For iOS]
 Go to [Settings] > [Privacy] > [Advertising] > [Reset Advertising Identifier]

If problems persist or you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us:
https://namepara.com/contact/ (English or Japanese only)

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NEO Mushroom Garden

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※Due to support for iOS11 and above, NEO Mushroom Garden cannot no longer be updated on iOS7 devices or below.


菇菇栽培研究室 The World

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※Available only in Japanese/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese


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