[NEO Mushroom Garden]Christmas Mini Update! New Order+ Added! image

[NEO Mushroom Garden]Christmas Mini Update! New Order+ Added!

NEO Mushroom Garden is excited to announce...
Not one, but TWO updates this holiday season!

First up is the all original Christmas story「Mush Claus' Elfy Helpers」!

Keep reading below for more information!

New Order+ have arrived just in time for Christmas!

Mush Claus' Elfy Helpers*

Oh no! Mush Claus has been in an accident just before Christmas!
In his place, the Elfy will try to deliver the presents by themselves!
Can they succeed before the morning comes?

Complete the new Order+ and help the Elfy deliver presents to all the good children!

Travel to Different Themes to Complete the Order+!

Merry Christmas

Fung Toy Box

Funghi Academy
Dream Land

Hydrangea Park

New Funghi Added!


Get the Alternate Theme for "Merry Christmas"!

Complete the new Order+ to receive the alternate theme for "Merry Christmas"!
Enjoy the illuminations of a beautiful snowy Christmas night!


Update to Ver.2.39.0 now and enjoy the Mini Christmas Story!

Don't Forget to Play the November Update for "Funghi Theater"!


\Continue the Christmas festivities at the "Funghi Theater"!!/

As of the November 12, 2020 update, "Funghi Theater" can now be upgraded to Grade 7!
Act II of the Funghi's performance is the ballet "The Nutcracker".
The dancers and orchestra are ready to take the stage!
Please take your seat and enjoy a wonderful Christmas tale!

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