[NEO Mushroom Garden] 7th Anniversary Celebration! New Order+ Added! image

[NEO Mushroom Garden] 7th Anniversary Celebration! New Order+ Added!

Hooray!It's NEO Mushroom Garden's 7th Anniversary!

On April 11, 2021, NEO Mushroom Garden celebrated it's 7th year since release.
Thank you to all the mushroom gardeners who have supported us over the years!
We hope you continue to enjoy playing NEO Mushroom Garden in the future!

To honor this occassion, we've released a very special set of new Order+ for you to play!
Complete the Order+ and receive tons of NP★

New Order+ Added

*Thank You NP Festival!

Bravo! It's NEO Mushroom Garden's 7th Anniversary!
On such a special occassion, something good might just happen♪
But first, lets go to the theme "Funghi Circus"!
Let's be happy together★

Let's develop the theme "Funghi Circus"!

This time's Order+ begins at the theme "Funghi Circus".

▼Have you developed the "Funghi Circus" already?


Clear the Order+ and...

By clearing the new Order+, you can receive tons of NP!?
Hurry, give it a try!

Limited Time!「Special Medicine」Daily Limit Increased!

This update, Cromwell is putting in double the effort!
Until the next update, the "Special Medicine" daily limit has been increased.

"Special Medicine" can now be used 14 times a day

Until now, the "Special Medicine" could only be used 7 times a day...now it's 14 times!

The "Special Medicine" can be used once every 15 minutes.
Use the 15 minute food and harvest your Funghi after 15 minutes!
Then, use the "Special Medicine" to harvest again immediately!
Use the "Special Medicine" and enjoy double the mushroom gardening♪

▼Tap here to use the "Special Medicine"!

Next Update Preview!! New Theme and Food Machine!?

But wait, there's more!
Next month, "NEO Mushroom Garden" is preparing a brand new theme and food machine!

The new theme? Well it's bright, exciting, lots of cute cー *cough* *cough*
Whoops, almost said too much there.

New theme currently under development! Just what kind of theme and food machine will it be? Look forward to it!

Update to Ver.2.44.0 and celebrate this special occassion with all of us!

Let's Download!

"NEO Mushroom Garden"

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