[NEO Mushroom Garden] New Theme "Idol Stage" Added! Ver.2.45.0 Update! image

[NEO Mushroom Garden] New Theme "Idol Stage" Added! Ver.2.45.0 Update!

Dear NEO mushroom gardeners, we greatly apologize for the wait!

For the first time in over a year, we're proud to announce the release of a brand new theme! AND a new food machine to boot!

A content-filled May update. Hurry and check it out!

New theme "Idol Stage" Added!


"We want to stand on that stage as well!"
Popstarla and Trifoly have big dreams of becoming idols.
Today they take their first steps toward achieving their dreams!

Will they be able to succeed? Part One: Idol Auditions!

Funghi Love Watching Their Favorite Idols!


A Gorgeous Stage to Stand Upon!


How to Play the New Content


Funghi Idol Goods Available Now! New Equipment Added

"Idol Heat Lamp", "Idol Humidifier", and "Idol Warmer" have been added!


New Idol-themed and Idol-loving Funghi Added!

Don't forget to add the new Idol-themed and Idol-loving Funghi to your collection!


Way Too Cute!? New Food Machine Added

The new "Cute Machine" has arrved!
Clear the added Order+ to unlock it!


BGM Fit for an Idol Stage!

An idol performance isn't complete without the perfect song to match!

To help introduce the new BGM, we've asked the creator G-angle for their comment★

*A Word from G-angle

To match the theme "Idol Stage", we created the BGM with a cheerful and positive image in mind.
By adding bright sound-effects and an upbeat tempo, we've done our best to replicate the real live atmosphere.
From the vocal-like melody to the tune that develops from line-to-line, we hope that you enjoy listening to this gorgeous BGM!

We especially love the bright and cheerful energy of the BGM! Just listening to it helps make our day♪
Thank you for producing such a wonderful song!

We hope that our fellow NEO Mushroom Gardeners enjoy the music just as much as we do!

G-angle Co., Ltd Information

▼Official Website 

▼Music Brand【miuG】

▼【miuG】Official Twitter

Extended Due to Popular Demand!"Special Medicine" Daily Uses Increased

Due to popular demand, we've decided to extend the "Special Medicine" campaign!
Until the next update, the "Special Medicine" can be used more times per day.

"Special Medicine" can be used 14 times a day

Until now, the "Special Medicine" could only be used 7 times a day...now it's 14 times!

The "Special Medicine" can be used once every 15 minutes.
Use the 15 minute food and harvest your Funghi after 15 minutes!
Then, use the "Special Medicine" to harvest again immediately!
Use the "Special Medicine" and enjoy double the mushroom gardening♪

▼Tap here to use the "Special Medicine"!

Use the "Special Medicine" to clear the newly added Order+!



What an exciting update!
Update to ver. 2.45.0 and take on the idol auditions!

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