[NEO Mushroom Garden]Theme "Funghi Mine" has new upgrades! Ver.2.49.0 Update! image

[NEO Mushroom Garden]Theme "Funghi Mine" has new upgrades! Ver.2.49.0 Update!

September Update: New upgrades for "Funghi Mine"!

"Funghi Mine" theme can now be upgraded to Grade 10
Daily limit for "Special Medicine" increased from 7 to 14 times.

Final update for the "Funghi Mine"!

"Hooey, we've struck gold boys!"
It's gold rush fever at the "Funghi Mine".
Join the Funghi and dig, dig, dig!


▼How to unlock the new Orders

Equipment Upgrade!

"Mine Hum.", "Mine Lamp" and "Mine Warmer" can be upgraded to Grade 8-10 !

New funghi have been added!


Try out the alternate theme! Which look do you prefer?

The alternate "Crystal" theme is the same theme as the "Funghi Mine" but with a new look!
Feel free to use either theme when completing the new Order+!


In addition, your currently grown Funghi will remain even after switching between the two themes!
Feel free to switch looks as you harvest!

"Special Medicine" can now be used more times!

Earlier this year we increased the daily limit of the "Special Medicine" with great reception.
Now, we're increasing the daily limit for all Mushroom Garden apps!

Begininng this update, the "Special Medicine" can now be used twice as much per day...from 7 time to 14 times!

The "Special Medicine" can be used once every 15 minutes.
Use the 15 minute food and harvest your Funghi after 15 minutes!
Then, use the "Special Medicine" to harvest again immediately!
Use the "Special Medicine" and enjoy double the mushroom gardening♪

▼Tap here to use the "Special Medicine"!

Update to Ver.2.49.0 now and join in on the Funghi's gold rush!

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