[NEO Mushroom Garden] New Theme "Redbrick Garden" Added! Ver.2.67.0 Update! image

[NEO Mushroom Garden] New Theme "Redbrick Garden" Added! Ver.2.67.0 Update!

Hooray! April 11th, 2023 marks NEO Mushroom Garden's 9th anniversary!

To celebrate this occasion, we've added a brand new theme this update!
Check below for more information.

April Update is the New Theme "Redbrick Garden"!

*Redbrick Garden*

After 9 years of neglect, The "Redbrick Garden" has fallen into disrepair...
But this garden holds many precious childhood memories with Grandpa.

Now, the doors are opened once more.
Help return the garden to its former glory.

The Funghi are doing their part to repair the Redbrick Garden!


Please help bring the Redbrick Garden back to its former glory.


How to Play the New Content


New Upgrade Material "Gardener Notes"

Clear the new Order+ to get the new upgrade material "Gardener Notes"!

New equipment...? It's all broken!?

The "Labor Heat Lamp", "Labor Humidifier" and "Labor Warmer" have seen better days.
What will happen when they are upgraded?


New Redbrick-Themed and Redbrick-Loving Funghi Added!

Don't forget to add these Funghi to your collection!


New Harvest Box added!

Complete the new Order+ to unlock the "Blue-Green Box" for development!Complete the new Order+ to unlock the "Blue-Green Box" for development!


Use the Blue-Green Box to get new materials!

Get the new materials "Cork Stopper" and "Wine Bottle" from the Blue-Green Box.



Update to v2.67.0 now and get to work at the Redbrick Garden!
We hope you continue to support us this year as well!

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