[NEO Mushroom Garden] New Theme "Old Funghi Estate" Added! Ver.2.69.0 Update! image

[NEO Mushroom Garden] New Theme "Old Funghi Estate" Added! Ver.2.69.0 Update!

Just because the rainy season has ended doesn't mean there won't be the occasional downpour.
This month's update brings a brand new theme!
...but it looks like the rain has picked up again.

Hurry on your way to the new theme, and try not to get wet on the way there!

New Theme "Old Funghi Estate" Added!

*Old Funghi Estate*

Caught outside in a sudden downpour, Funghi takes shelter in an old abandoned estate.

Is it really safe to stay here for the night...?

Unfortunately, the Funghi's travel plans were cancelled.


Why do I get the feeling someone is here...?


How to Play the New Content


New Upgrade Material "Lion Knocker"

Can't have an old mansion without one or two of these.
Clear the new Order+ to obtain the new upgrade material "Lion Knocker".

New? Equipment Have Been Added!

"Old Heat Lamp", "Old Warmer", and "Old Humidifier" have been added!


Old Estate-Themed and Old Estate-Loving Funghi Added!

Don't forget to add these Funghi to your collection!


Quite the Fright! New Food Machine Added!

The new food machine "Horror Food Machine" has been added!
Develop it using the "Plan: Horror"...just beware what might come out of it.


As the hot days of summer approach, send some chills down your spine at the "Old Funghi Estate"!
Upgrade to Ver.2.69.0 now...we await your arrival...

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