[NEO Mushroom Garden] Play the Mini-Update "Stuffed Toy Collection"! image

[NEO Mushroom Garden] Play the Mini-Update "Stuffed Toy Collection"!

In NEO Mushroom Garden, the Funghi's appearance changes depending on the theme.
Take a good look at these themed-Funghi with this month's update!

In order to complete the new Order+, you'll visit many of our themese from the past.
See below for more information!

New Order+ Added!

Stuffed Toy Collection*

Funghi from 9 different themes have been added as stuffed toys as collectable materials!
Enjoy the unique looks of all the themed Funghi!

Collect Them All! Stuffed Funghi Collection!


By clearing the Order+ for each theme, you'll receive a "Stuffed Toy" version of the Funghi as a gift!
You can view them in your Materials!
※The stuffed toy materials are for decoration only, and have no affect on your game progess.


Visit 9 Different Themes in the New Order+!


The 10th and final stuffed toy is from the new theme set to be released next month.
What kind of Funghi will it be? Look forward to it!

NEO's 10th Anniversary Logo!

We've released a special logo to celebrate NEO's 10th anniversary.
Look forward to a bright and shiny 10th year of NEO!


Update to Ver.2.77.0 now and begin your Funghi stuffed toy collection!

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