[NEO Mushroom Garden] 10th Anniversary!New Theme "Birthday Garden" Added! image

[NEO Mushroom Garden] 10th Anniversary!New Theme "Birthday Garden" Added!

NEO Mushroom Garden 10th Anniversary Celebration
〜Thank You Always and Forever!〜

The day has finally arrived...!
Today, April 11, 2024 is NEO Mushroom Garden's 10th Anniversary!

To all of our fellow mushroom gardeners, thanks to your continued harvest we have been able to keep the game running for a full decade!

To celebrate this occassion, we've prepared a new theme perfect for celebrations.
See below for more info!

New Theme "Birthday Garden" Added!

*Birthday Garden*

In this mysterious garden, everyday is a birthday!
Get your invitation and join in on the festivities.

Spend an Elegant Afternoon With the Funghi


Welcome to the Party

A tea party in a secret garden...
Congratulations to one and all!


How to Play the New Content


New Upgrade Material "Pink Invitation"and"Gift Box"

Clear the new Order+ to get the new upgrade materials "Pink Invitation" and "Gift Box"!



New Collection Material "Birthday Card"

Complete all of the new Order+ to get the collection material "Birthday Card"
What's written on the card? Play to found out!


New Elegant Equipment Added!

"B'day Heat Lamp", "B'day Warmer", and "B'day Humidifier" have been added!


Birthday-Theme and Birthday-Loving Funghi Added!

Don't forget to add these Funghi to your collection!


Listen to the New BGM!

Every theme in NEO comes with a unique original BGM.
The BGM for the new theme "Birthday Garden" is an elegant classic piece perfect for a high-class tea party!
But if you listen closely, you might just hear a bit of "Happy Birthday" mixed in!

Try turning up your volume and turn the BGM on while playing the new theme!

New Stuffed Funghi Added

The 10th Stuffed Funghi in the Collection has been added!
Complete the new Order+ to receive yours!


Update to Ver.2.79.0!Celebrate this wonderful occasion with the new theme "Birthday Garden!"

Let's Download!

"NEO Mushroom Garden"

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