[NEO Mushroom Garden]Theme "Hush Hospital" Has New Upgrades! Ver.2.48.0 Update! image

[NEO Mushroom Garden]Theme "Hush Hospital" Has New Upgrades! Ver.2.48.0 Update!

August Update: New upgrades for "Hush Hospital"!

Theme "Hush Hospital" Final Upgrade!
Pre-Meddy has arrived at the clean and quiet "Hush Hospital".
However, after making his rounds he can't help but notice something feels a bit...off.
As summer wanes, prepare yourself for a somewhat strange and mysterious story...


▼How to unlock the new Orders

Equipment Upgrade!

"Medical Hum.", "Medical Lamp" and "Medical Warmer" can be upgraded to Grade 8-10 !

New funghi have been added!


Mushroom Garden 10th Anniversary! Enter the Password for Special Rewards!

On June 30th, 2021, the Mushroom Garden series welcomed its 10th Anniversary!
To celebrate, we're giving away useful items in "NEO Mushroom Garden" for users who enter the below password!

▼Use the password below!▼

To enter the password, from the main screen, go to "Lab" > "Network" > "Password" > "Enter".
After entering the password, you'll unlock the Order+ "10 Years of Mushroom Garden!".
Clear the simple Order+ to claim your reward!

Other Announcements

Change in OS Requirement

Android → OS version 5.0 or greater
iOS → OS version 10.0 or greater

Please check the below articles for more information.

Notice for users of devices below Android5.0
Notice for users of devices below iOS10.0

Update to Ver.2.48.0 and enjoy a strange and mysterious story...!

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