[IMPORTANT] Suspension of Data Transfer Services image

[IMPORTANT] Suspension of Data Transfer Services

July 30, 2019 Update:[Announcement] Restoration of Data Transfer Services

Thank you for your continued support of BEEWORKS GAMES.
From Thursday, June 6th 15:00 (JST), we will begin the process of changing servers. During this time, you will not be able to create or restore save data for the following applications:

・なめこ栽培キット・ザ・ワールド(No English ver.)
・NEO Mushroom Garden
・Mushroom Garden Deluxe
・Mushroom Garden HD
・Mushroom Garden Seasons HD
・Gourmet Creature Hungry Mogumon
・Super Gourmet Creature Mogumon: Yum! Big Bites
※"Funghi's Den", "まとめてモーケ!なめこ店(No English ver.)", and "Brave Caravan" will not be affected by this change. You will be able to transfer data as normal.

We apologize for the sudden announcement. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Period of Suspension

June 6, 2019 15:00 (JST) ~ TBD
We currently do not have a set date for when data transfer service will be resumed. We will notify you of further updates once we have more information.

Unfortunately, many of our games are quite old and cannot be updated to connect to the new servers. As a result, only "なめこ栽培キット・ザ・ワールド" and "NEO Mushroom Garden" will have data transfer services restored. We apologize for the inconvenience.


In addition, secret words for "Mushroom Garden Deluxe" will also no longer be available after June 6th 15:00 (JST). For users who have not yet unlocked all of the secret words, please refer to the following list and enter all of the words before June 6th 15;00 (JST),

※Secret words for "NEO Mushroom Garden" are not affected by this change. You may continue to use secret words as normal.
※Even if you don't get the item through secret text, you can clear "Requests" and complete "Library".

For Users of "なめこ栽培キット・ザ・ワールド" and "NEO Mushroom Garden"

・Users who are considering or plan to change devices in the near future
・Users who want to backup there data in case of emergency

Please create your save data before June 6th 15:00 (JST). Although you will not be able to restore your data while services are suspended, you can restore your data after the server change is completed. Please note that only progress made up to the time of save data creation will be stored.

※Please save your user ID and password in a safe place, preferably outside of your current mobile device in case of emergency.

We'd like to again apologize for the inconvenience we have caused. We ask for your understanding and cooperation throughout this process.


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