[iOS Users] Notice regarding the iOS 13 update image

[iOS Users] Notice regarding the iOS 13 update

===== 2019/10/7 ======

We have confirmed that the following apps are fully compatible with the latest OS update (iOS13).

Funghi's Den (Japanese)
なめこ栽培キット ザ・ワールド
NEO Mushroom Garden
Mushroom Garden Deluxe
Mushroom Garden HD
Mushroom Garden Seasons HD

Before updating to a new OS version, we highly recommend creating a save data for 「Funghi's Den (Japanese)」、「まとめてモーケ!なめこ店」、「なめこ栽培キット ザ・ワールド」、and "NEO Mushroom Garden". In the case of issues resulting from the update, you can use the save data to restore your game progress.

To transfer your game data, please follow the instructions below.

Funghi's Den (Japanese) FAQ
まとめてモーケ!なめこ店 FAQ
なめこ栽培キット ザ・ワールド FAQ
NEO Mushroom Garden FAQ

We hope you continue to enjoy playing our games.


We have not yet confirmed the compatibility of our apps with the latest iOS 13 . We ask that you refrain from updating your device to the newest OS version until we can confirm compatibility.
※If you have questions or concerns regarding the update or your current OS version, please contact Apple or your nearest phone retailer for assistance.


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